Informasjon på norsk

Activity Calendar – Summer 2019

Robin Hood lunch – Tuesday and Thursday from 12.30

House meeting – the first Monday of each month from 14.15

Norwegian Course

Registration for this falls classes open in the end of June.

Language practice – Language practise group for those learning Norwegian and English.

Drop-in, no registration required.

Norwegian – Tuesdays at 10am-12pm.
English – Thursdays at 2pm-4pm.

English course

Registration will open in July.

Open Wardrobe – Wednesdays from 1pm. Here you can find good used clothes or deliver clothes you do not need anymore.

CV and job application help – Do you need help writing or translating your CV? Do you want some tips for your job application? We offer personal CV-help with our volunteers by appointment.

Please contact counsellor or volunteer coordinator for an appointment.

Free hairdresser – Cutters send out hairdressers that offer free haircuts at Robin Hood  on the last Monday of every month. Drop-in.

Zumba – Every monday in the cafe at 06pm.

Pilates – Every other Thursday on 3. floor at 12.30pm.

Activities for children

Here at Robin Hood Huset we want to give everyone an opportunity to take part in fun activities outside school hours and during school holidays. We arrange outings to museums, the cinema and to parks, and different activities in-house, like Wii-games and movies, baking and more. All of our activities are free for children. For more information please visit our page on children’s activities.

You will always find updated information about the activites on our Facebookpage.

Children’s activities at Robin Hood Huset is made possible by contributions from Bufdir, Bergen Kommune, BKK og Fana Sparebank.

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